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The Diet of an Ankylosing Spondylitis Champion

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The diagnosis of Ankylosing Spondylitis presents many questions. The most common seems to be what we can do to help relieve some pain. As I am sure many fellow AS’ers also do, I head to the web to see what I can research on this confusing disease. There is some mixed feelings on whether the diet you have plays a role in the encouragement of flares. I can’t speak for all AS’ers but, I know for me, changing my diet definitely effects my pain.

Carbs Controversy

One of the first things my doctor suggested to me as far as a lifestyle change with AS was to cut down on my carbohydrates. Me, being a huge pasta and potato person found this one tremendous challenge. I did follow the doctor’s orders and cut down and to my sad surprise, I felt a difference. My doctor said carbs can cause inflammation. I still “sneak” some carbs but I do pay for it later. In fact, I just over-carbed last week and can I just say the past few days are reminding me why I tried to cut them out! Some professionals say that the no-carbohydrate diet doesn’t work but that it’s this, that, or the other food that plays a role in the inflammation. I will stick with what I know works for me, and that unfortunately means less Italian for this woman.

Can We Eat Anything?

AS’ers we are told to reintroduce ourselves to food. We are being stripped of our energy, mobility, mental well-being and now our food…what else will AS try to take? It is recommended to eat more fruit, vegetables, meat, fish and dairy; and less bread, rice, pasta, cakes, chips and potatoes. It is also clear that fried, fatty, and sugary foods also need to be removed from your ankylosing spondylitis diet. This will help reduce your body’s unhealthy immune response. So these are all reasonable but what this list leaves out is that even the “allowed” foods on the list are not always good. Dairy for example effects many AS’ers because of GI problems many of us have associated with our AS. I am a huge fan of fruits and veggies but even then our list gets cut down some more since some of those can hurt us. So although I am aware that what professionals may mean is that we need, like in all diets, to eat the “bad” AS foods in moderation, I selfishly admit that this is a HUGE problem for me. I miss my pasta, potato and green pepper life and wish that things could be easier.

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